American Green Goddess Quinoa Bowl Chopped MealKit - Minimum 2 Servings

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American Green Goddess Quinoa Bowl Chopped Meal Kit:

This is  American Green Goddess Quinoa Bowl Chopped Mealkit. This kit includes prepared ingredients that are already prepared for your convenience. All the ingredients needs is your bowl assembly. There is a Minimum of six servings per order.

Ingredients  for 6 Servings

    1/3 cup quinoa
    2 ½ cups chicken stock, no sodium [optional]
    2 ½ cups water [Vegan or Vegetarian] 
    1/3 cup cherry tomato, halved
    1/3 cup spinach leaves, stems removed
    1/8 cup green sauce
    1/8 cup apples, diced dried or fresh
    cup pistachios, shell removed whole
    cup green peas, shell removed whole

    Cooking Instructions:
    Cook the Quinoa:

    Get a saucepan on a stove,
    Pour the desired stock or water [Vegan or Vegetarian]
    Combine the Quinoa to the saucepan
    Turn the Heat to High. 
    Lookout for water boiling with dancing Quinoa.
    Once boiling, reduce the heat to low
    Cover and Cook without Stirring
    12 to 15 minutes or until the water has been absorbed and the quinoa is tender. 
    Turn off the heat
    Fluff the quinoa with spoon
    Add salt if desired

    Prepare the ingredients
    Cherry tomato
    Wash and dry the tomatoes
    Cut and chop the tomatoes in halves.
    Set aside.

    Spinach Leaves
    Wash and destem the spinach leaves. 
    Spin the Spinach leaves in a Salad Spinner
    Set aside.

    Green Sauce
    Wash, dry, cut and flesh the Avacodo
    mix Avocado with Extra Virgin oil 
    mix until it emulsify
    Set aside.

    Peel the apple if necessary
    Cut and dice the Apples to chunks
    Set aside.

    No prep

    Green Peas (Optional)
    Get a saucepan on a stove,
    Pour the water
    Turn the Heat to High. 
    Look out for boiling
    Turn off the Heat
    Combine the Green Peas to the saucepan
    Set the timer for three minutes
    drain the peas from hot water immediately in a Colander
    Set aside Green Peas.
    Cool in the refrigerator or ice if necessary ( optional)

    Assemble the Ingredients
    Toss the Quinoa, fluff it with a spoon, add the ingredients. Pour green sauce over and mix well. or Toss with the Green Sauce before serving as desired by the Eater.

    Mix Green Sauce before serving or leave it on the side as desired by Eater.
    Make your own Sauce is better than store bought one. Approximate perishability of DYI Sauce 14 days.
    All items are Gluten Free
    Paleo - No
    Keto - No
    Vegan - Yes
    Vegetarian - Yes
    Gluten Free - Yes
    Dairy Free - Yes
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