777 Chop Kit Plan by gFoodNow


777 Chop Kit Plan is an innovative way to cook at home. As part of the plan you will get ingredients planned, shopped, chopped and delivered to your door. With this Plan you can make five different dishes of two servings each. Each dish is made with seven wholesome ingredients ( excluding herbs, spices and seasonings) within seven minutes for less than seven dollars.

Join and be part of the home cooking club. Promote Planned and organized food that positively influence food decisions for better. All of our dishes are designed with gluten free ingredients, tested with gluten sensor. all of our dishes can be customized for vegan and vegetarian. Click here to learn more. 


Join unique marketplace where buyers discover and experience food that is planned, shopped, chopped and delivered to save time. 


All of our dishes are simplified to three easy steps. Mix Saute & Serve, Mix Bake & Serve, Mix Simmer & Serve, Mix Toss & Serve, Mix Wrap & Serve.


All of our dishes are priced under seven dollars. They are way less than ordering takeout. There is no hidden fees, straight forward pricing.  

Time Saver

All of the dish can be made with seven active minutes of cooking. Time does not include baking, simmering and any idle time for home cook. 


 Whenever possible chop kits are designed to make more than one meal . For e.g. with Asian Quinoa Bowl, it is possible to make Asian Stir Fry if you have asian orange sauce handy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would i be able to personalize the 777 chopkit plan? 

We offer personalization service for an extra charge.We can buy chef crafted 777 chopkit plan at the regular price.  

Can i build my own plan? 

Yes, choose any five chopkits from the chopkit alacarte menu, you can build your own plan that way.  

Can i host a pickup location? 

Sure, You can make an impact by providing pickup locations for your clients, neighbors or friends in your neighborhood. This will help us out a lot.  

How do i get started?

Click on the above link Buy now. You can buy right now. Any questions concerns, email to , text to +12064893745 



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    Just Ordered. Thank you Mano!. This is so exciting! When I saw the photo of your chick pea salad the order day I thought to myself, this guy gets it!. If you start a business I will support you!

    Ann Stearns
    Ann StearnsSeattle, WA



    Thank You, Mano! We're looking forward to trying this pizza, it sounds delicious.The order process was easy and I didn't run into any issues. a customers dream come true.

    Kimberley Munson
    Kimberley MunsonSeattle, WA